who our city needs, but isn't looking for

The woman from Samaria was shocked that Jesus even spoke to her.

She was confused when she was offered the ultimate gift.  She squirmed when confronted with the truth of her own sin.  But she was loved by Jesus anyway.  Then she ran and told everyone in her hometown about the Messiah she had just encountered at Jacob's well.

Crowds came to see and hear Jesus.  Some believed in Him; others didn't.

...And this story has been repeating itself for 2,000 years.  People with spiritual problems are still looking to solve their physical ones.  People are still surprised when the God of the universe interrupts their rhythm.  They still squirm when the issue of sin is brought up.  But Jesus loves them anyway!

That is why Jacob's Well Church exists.

Our Core Practices

We expend all our energy doing only three things, and we describe them this way:  

Reveal Jesus, Inspire Growth, & Have Fun!

Revealing Jesus is all about communicating who He is, what He has done, and how this radically changes anyone who believes it.

Inspiring growth is necessary to live the Christian life to it's fullest; following Christ requires continual encouragement, compassion, challenge, and education.

Having fun is what communicates the implications of the Good News about Jesus.  In short, connection to God through Jesus gives us joy that we couldn't find anywhere else, so our demeanor should show that we have hope for a bright future, even in the midst of tough circumstances.


Jacob's Well Church affirms the Apostle's Creed and holds a reformed view of how and why people are saved by a loving, merciful God.  We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the E49 Network.